Wednesday, May 29, 2013

How time flies

More than a year since I posted here. Keep getting distracted by other things :-)

So Josiah will be 17 months old this Saturday. Time really flies!

He has grown so much. Very naughty but still such a precious darling. When he smiles, my heart just melts...

Am now working in a new organization - Enterprise Asia. Started on 1st April 2013. Havent decided yet whether I fit in here but am putting my all in and will see where it goes. Hate how much im missing out on time with Josiah though :-(

We are off to Sydney in a month! Cant wait. Its costing a bomb especially due to the cancellation of the original apartment and the new apartment costing so much more.. but oh well.. we will just work hard to replace the money... its gonna be a great trip! so excited! and it will be the first time Uncle Johny and Aunty Julie meet Josiah...

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