Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Where to Shop for Clothes for Plus Size Women in Malaysia

I hate that it is so hard to get clothes for us big people here in Malaysia. And not just clothes, but stylish clothes and for the younger crowd.

Don't they realise that most fat women start being fat from when they are young? So teenagers and young adults need clothes too.

In Australia, there are so many stores catering to Plus Size women. Not just clothes, but lingerie and swim wear as well. Suprising though, when I went to New York, I couldnt locate stores specialising in Plus Size clothing; but I did find plus size clothing at Walmart and at this other 2 stores... but it was limited though. I bought a work suit from there, a 2 piece swimsuit and a long tube dress which I adore :-)

But here in Malaysia?? Not much choice. Here are a list of places that you can get your plus sized clothes from.

Ms Read (designs are more for older women but nice clothes - I buy my work clothes from here and I have a black gown from here which I am keeping to where at my cousins wedding)
Total Women (also the same)
Scarlet (cheaper option, boring clothes though - carried by Jusco)
FYI (has nicer options for the younger crowd but their maximum size is a 5 which is equivalent to an 18 in Ms Read so for much bigger people, you can't get yours here)
Joan Allen (usually carried in Metrojaya)

Anyone else know of good places to buy clothes?


adavi said...

Variante has some nice larger sized clothes. Most at the Pavilion branch.

gerbera said...
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Ugly duckling said...

Dorothy Perkins!!! I loveeee Dorothy Perkins.

leila said...

I so feel you! WH in One Utama carries some plus size I think. I am actually selling off some of my clothes, its all between sizes 18-20. Have a look if you are interested. :) Leave a comment or email me at There's not as much now but there will be more to come. Thanks :)

Julian said...

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Plus Size said...

Check out the plus size clothing australia. There designs are adorable.

The Bastards said...

nobody sells shirts or jeans my size, so i'm always wearing sweatpants and white tees, that's not nice.
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Donny Bonne Blog said...

I suppose it would suffice to say that finding kids designer clothes in bigger sizes over there would be next to impossible? That is most unfortunate! Kids, big and small, deserve to look their best!

FlowClothing YouGotCurve said...

I definitely agree on you that can wear in various purposes. The fashion clothes is one of the main dresses that women should want to wear and still its look fashionable.

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